Hey, it's really good to see you after a long time.

Do you know what it means? It means- I'm happy that I encountered you (again) or I like seeing you. 

Basically, this term is used when you see a familiar person after an interval of time. For example, I say to my shopkeeper,

"It's good to see you Ramu kaka. Kaha the itne din?" Just kidding Ramu kaka does not travel anywhere. He is just too afraid of flying in an aeroplane or travelling via train. To conceal his fear he often says, "Didi, Idhar udhar ghoom ke....... Kay ka paisa barbad karne ka? Hum aache aur humara dhanda aacha."

Poor Ramu kaka's wife is always threatening to divorce him and go to her mayka (maternal home).

Well, sorry I got distracted. Ramu kaka was not the reason I brought up this topic, it is an event in my life that happened recently which got me thinking.

So, as we discussed earlier "It's good to see you" is a phrase used when one sees someone, one knows and have met after a long time, right? 

Have you ever used this phrase when you met a complete stranger?

Well, I have.



and, Why?

Let me elaborate on this topic

As said by someone, All great theories have a story behind them.

Well, let me tell you mine.

As all stories begin on a fine morning, so did mine.

Though the morning could be termed as fine, the entire day seemed to be a riddle in itself.

As soon as I opened my refrigerator door to make a nice cup of chai only to find out that the refrigerator had run out of milk.

So, there I am struggling with my kaput supermarket trolly, trying to push it as hard as I can to reach the dairy department.

Before I reached my desired destination, my way was obstructed by a lady in her mid 60's. She warmly smiled, while staring into my dark-brown pupils. I instantly jumped to the conclusion that she must know me. Frankly, this happens often to me, more times than you can imagine. Almost every member living in the same colony as mine recognizes me because of my grandmom. She has more contacts in her phone than a directory.

Let us get back to the story.

So I instantly smiled back at her and said, "It is good to see you, Aunty. How are you?" Perhaps she had already detected the confusion on my face. Continuing to smile, she said," It's good to see you too. I am just fine. Busy as usual with my regular chores. How are you doing young girl? "

"Aunty, I am good. College and all, nothing special."

"There must be something special dear you just haven't looked in the right places."


"Do you mind walking me home? There are just too many bags for me to carry."

"Of course Aunty. I would love to help you."

After a short 15mins walk we reached her home.

She handed me a glass of water and offered me tea. 

I finally had the precious cup of masala chai, I was longing for.

After having a small conversation I thought it might be good, to be honest.

So, I asked her whether she knew my grandma and she replied to my question with laughter.

I was one hundred per cent confused. Why in the world would this nice lady laugh about my question?

Well, I received my answer soon. 

Pausing her laughter she replied, "To be honest I don't know you or your grandma. I just felt nice when you said it was good to see me. I live all alone in this house and barely talk to anyone. I loved the time I spent with you. You seemed to be like my granddaughter. I was waiting till you brought this question up."

Hearing this I thought, 'silly me what a fool I have made of myself.'

Reading my expression she said, "It's okay not to recognise someone you know or recognise someone you don't know because we have always met each other on a soul level. It's nice to say "It's good to see you" to any person you come across as it might brighten up a person's day as it brightened mine. Also, the person may feel good about themselves as someone feels good by seeing or visiting them."

I was happy that I was ignorant before and met this aunty. 

- I learnt something new.

By Rtr. Sanjana Sathe
Rotaract Club Of Panache